The component addressing HR practices is a core concern within FKE, and constitutes an important part of the external services provided to FKE’s member companies.

The main activity under this component is to support FKE in establishing the Employer of the Year (EYA) Awards programme. This will be FKE's flagship event related to HR, and will both serve as an encouragement to members to improve their HR practices, as well as an important marketing activity for FKEs services and for FKEs brand.

As part of FKE’s HR strategy, the organization intends to improve its services in some areas where it has requested NHO assistance. This is to address problems such as a general state of unsatisfactory HR management practices in the SME sector. NHO will contribute with technical guidance from its pool of managers and technical staff from NHO, NHO’s Branch associations, NHO Regional Offices and member companies.