The China Africa component is an existing partnership between the FKE and NHO which seeks to strengthen the collaboration between Chinese business and partner EOs. The partnership, which has been active for the last six years, focuses on sustaining responsible businesses and stable labour relations through trainings on labour issues to Chinese companies in Kenya. 
Chinese companies are now investing heavily in Kenya, but since this is a new market for most of them, there is a considerable knowledge gap regarding Kenyan laws and regulations. The cooperation between Kenya and China currently covers a range of sectors including agriculture, infrastructure, industrialization, technology transfer, energy, environmental protection, peace and security, capacity building, and people-to-people exchanges. 
Chinese companies operating in Kenya becoming member of FKE and seeking services 
The Chinese investors in Kenya need more, and more frequent, capacity building on labour laws and employment environment in Kenya 
In April 2018, FKE signed a Memorandum of partnership with KOCA of working together to serve Chinese employers better in Kenya. Therefore, this cooperation will be critical to ensure successful implementation and strengthening of the partnership. 
The Federation has so far trained over 210 companies in Kenya on different components of labour