28 Jun 2024

The Federation of Kenya Employers (FKE) is deeply concerned about the unfolding events in our nation and the circumstances  around the Anti-Finance Bill 2024 protests. As the voice of employers in Kenya we wish to raise the following issues:

1.    We plead with the Government to de-escalate the deteriorating situation to protect lives and Livelihoods: Many businesses, particularly those in the Nairobi Central Business District (CBD) and other major towns,  had  to close to ensure the safety of their employees and customers. This disruption not only affects business owners and their employees but also has a broader impact on the entire economy which will cause more suffering to everyone. The current situation is also  creating an environment of uncertainty and anxiety among employers, employees and Kenyans as a whole and is shaking the very fabric of our nation

2.    Police Conduct and Use of Force: 
While maintaining law and order is crucial, we implore the police to refrain from using excessive force in handling the protesters. The right to peaceful protest is enshrined in our constitution under Article 37, which states: "Every person has the right, peacefully and unarmed, to assemble, to demonstrate, to picket, and to present petitions to public authorities." This right must be respected and protected. We call on law enforcement to engage with protesters in a manner that ensures their safety and upholds their constitutional rights.

FKE remains committed to advocating for peace in our country. 

Jacqueline Mugo, EBS
Executive Director & CEO
Federation of Kenya Employers