31 Aug 2022

Kenya has an impressive raft and series of policies, codes, regulations, guidelines, and other blueprints on mobility for labour in place. These create a myriad of systems, structures, and institutions. Among the functions of such, is collection, analysis and sharing of data and statistics pertinent to labour migration to facilitate, among others: collection and utilization of accurate and disaggregated data, as a basis for evidence-based policies; provision of accurate and timely information at all stages of migration; manage borders in an integrated, and, secure and coordinated manner.

 However, these structures, systems and institutions tasked with regular collection, analysis and sharing of labour migration data are not effectively coordinated; largely generate disparate, unstandardized, and disaggregated data sets resulting into labour migration data gaps. These gaps also have tremendously negative ramifications for its management and governance.

 In order to solve these challenges, the Government of the Republic of Kenya, with support from the International Organization for Migration of Kenya, has come up with a National Capacity Building Strategy for Labour Migration Data Collection, Analysis and Sharing (2022-2024). The Federation of Kenya Employers (FKE) was part of the development of this Strategy, represented by Rodgers Agwaya, Research Officer. Other organizations represented during this process includes Ministry of Labour, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, National Industrial Training Authority(NITA),  International Labour Organization(ILO), International Organization for Migration (IOM) and Nation Employment Authority (NEA)  among others. The Key Labour stakeholders  had discussions where each shared their views on enriching the National Capacity Building Strategy for Labour Migration Data for Kenya Draft. FKE  advocated for inclusion in the capacity building initiative for analysis and use of labour migration data to improve Labour Migration in Kenya.

 The overall strategic objective of the draft strategy is to enhance national capacity to collect, analyze and share quality, reliable, accurate and regular labour migration data for enhanced labour migration governance. Specifically, the strategy intends to achieve the following specific objectives:

  •  Strengthen enabling environment to collect, analyze and share labour migration data.
  •  Build organizational capacity to collect, analyze and share labour migration data.
  •  Build individual capacity to support the collection, analysis and sharing of labour migration data.

This is a step forward in reshaping the reality and perspective on Labour Migration for Kenya workers and employers. 

For more information on this, kindly contact Rodgers Agwaya through ragwaya@fke-kenya.org.