01 Apr 2022

For the last 2 years FKE partnered with the Innovation to Inclusion (i2i) program to improve labour market participation of persons with disabilities in the workplace, by increasing the number of employees, interns, attaches and apprentices with disabilities in the private sector. Thus, making the workplace more inclusive and diverse. 

In an online event on ‘Exploring Impact and Learning’ held on 29thMarch 2022,  Mrs Jacqueline Mugo, Executive Director and CEO, Federation of Kenya Employers who is an active advocate for inclusion and diversity noted that, “Inclusivity is just not about meeting the quota but also actively improving and acknowledging persons with disabilities value within the organization, while making policies that prioritize them.” 

In support of the i2i agenda the Federation of Kenya Employers launched the Kenya Business and Disability Network (KBDN). This is a unique employer-led initiative that demonstrates the clear business benefits of employing people with disabilities and leverage on their value. The i2i project supported FKE in creating an ecosystem that is disability-inclusive in the workplace which has been made possible through this KBDN project, through it the private sector employers give peer support to each other in their disability inclusion journeys. 

“Disability inclusion remains a priority for all players in the labour sector. The stakeholders need to work collaboratively to ensure no one is left behind. For us in Kenya, strengthening FKE Kenya Business and Disability Network remains our top priority. We hope our partners will support us even as we to ensure a more disability- inclusive work environment” said Ms Mugo, in her closing remarks. 

The new i2i Learning Legacy site mainly a career-oriented portal where employers and Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) seeking jobs interact for available employment / internship opportunities can be accessed here. This will promote the potential of PWD’s even in the career level. We congratulate them for this great step. 

 The i2i program is supported in Kenya and Bangladesh. To learn more or be part of the progressive team at the Kenya Business Disability Network click on the link below: https://businessanddisability.or.ke/