16 Sep 2022

Poor Human Resource (HR) policies may be an organization's next public relations crisis or court 'fight'. That's the unfortunate reality. How well thought are your human resource policies? Are they aligned with the employment acts and other Kenyan laws? The Federation recently held  a virtual masterclass on Understanding HR Legal Compliance Audits at the Workplace on September 6th to 8th,2022 with over 125 attendees.

The training was steered by experts from our Human Resource, Learning & Development, and Legal & Industrial Relations teams. The training  focused on three areas:

  1. The Legal Environment influencing the HR Practice.
  2. HR Legal Audits.
  3. Emerging Compliance Issues and Learnings from Court decisions.

This was indeed a great opportunity for employers to analyze their organizations' policies, as they interacted with a team of Legal and HR experts. The master class not only showcased best practices, learnings and strides made over the years but also provided a template on conducting and handling issues concerning HR policies in a more efficient and cost-friendly manner!

The second and final training is set to take place from October 6th to  7th  2022 at Eton Hotel, Thika Town. This will be the climax of the HR, Legal Compliance & Audit Master Class. Follow this link to register or nominate your staff to participate in this training:  FKE Nomination Form - Hybrid Course on Understanding HR Legal Compliance Audits at the Workplace - 06th - 08th September & 06th -07th October 2022.doc For further clarification, please write to Eric Munyobi through emunyobi@fke-kenya.org or sms him on 0712373584.