31 May 2024

On May 29th, 2024, the Federation of Kenya Employers (FKE) held its 65th Annual General Meeting (AGM) at the JW Marriott Hotel, Nairobi bringing together over 150 members to celebrate and reflect on the organization’s milestones. The event marked a significant chapter in FKE’s history with various highlights.

The meeting commenced with Dr. Habil Olaka, the National President, FKE, who meticulously reviewed the minutes from the previous AGM, ensuring all members were up-to-date with the past year’s proceedings. Following this, Ms. Jacqueline Mugo, the Executive Director and CEO of FKE, delivered a comprehensive presentation on the 2023 Annual Report and financial statements. Her detailed analysis provided insights into the organization's performance and financial health over the past year, highlighting both achievements and areas for future improvement.

Gracing the AGM as Chief Guest was Dr. Julius Kipng'etich, CEO, Jubilee Insurance Kenya, who gave an insightful keynote address providing valuaable perspectives on the evolving landscape of employment and the critical role of employers in fostering growth and development even in the  years to come.

A key highlight of the AGM was the launch of FKE's 2024-2028 Strategic Plan. This ambitious roadmap aims to guide the organization through the next five years, focusing on enhancing member services, advocating for favorable employment policies, and promoting sustainable business practices in Kenya. The plan is expected to address emerging challenges in the labor market and position FKE as a pivotal player in shaping Kenya’s employment landscape.

In addition to the strategic plan, FKE introduced its innovative redesigned e-waajiri Members Service portal. This digital platform is designed to streamline member services, offering a user-friendly interface for employers to access resources, updates, and support from FKE. The e-waajiri portal is anticipated to significantly improve member engagement and operational efficiency.

The AGM also featured the election of new office bearers, marking a historic moment for FKE with the appointment of its first-ever female president in its 65-year history. Dr. Gild Odera was elected as the National President, a testament to her dedication and leadership within the organization. Dr. Habil Olaka graciously handed over the presidency to Dr. Odera, symbolizing a new era for FKE. Alongside her, Mr. Mike Macharia was appointed as the 1st National Vice President and Mr. Laurance Okello as the 2nd National Vice President, promising a strong leadership team for the upcoming term. Additionally, in recognition of his remarkable 24 years of service, Mr. Hirji Shah, the outgoing Chair, Board of Trustees, was honored with a certificate of good service. His contributions have been instrumental in guiding FKE through numerous challenges and successes over the years.

As FKE celebrated 65 years of existence, the AGM was not only a reflection on its past achievements but also a forward-looking event that set the stage for future endeavors. The launch of the strategic plan and the e-waajiri portal, along with the historic election of a female president, underscored FKE's commitment to innovation, inclusivity, and leadership in Kenya's employment sector.

The event concluded with a renewed sense of purpose and optimism among the members, ready to embrace the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.