FKE Rift Valley Branch is located at Giddo Plaza, George Morara Road, off Nakuru-Eldoret Highway, in Nakuru County.

The Branch which covers the Rift Valley province except for the Kajiado District was inaugurated on 4 th August 1987 and started operations on 4 th January 1988. The Branch is now 34 years old. It was the third Branch of the Federation to be established after Coast and Western Kenya Branches.

The first General Committee meeting of the Branch was held on 8 th January 1988 under the Chairmanship of the Late Mr. Jonathan K. Mbugua (Chairman, Agricultural Employers Association). He was assisted by an interim committee comprising of Messrs H.F. Von Kaufmann, MD East African Tanning & Extract Company (EATEC), N. K. Tum, MD Kenya Seed Company Ltd, and F.M. Soi Kenya Tea Growers Association among others.

Before the formation of this Branch, the region was under Western Kenya Branch hence being served from Kisumu. In an effort geared to bring services closer to the Rift Valley members, the Federation proposed to establish a Branch for Rift Valley setting up offices in Nakuru. The establishment of the Branch was also geared to make members speak in one voice on local issues and to be able to influence the Federation’s policies more effectively as the collective views would be passed to the Management Board. Members could also get professional advice on labour matters on short notice. Likewise, the Federation wanted to be represented in the District Development Committee to ensure that employers’ views were considered in the formulation of development policies.

The Branch has been served by seven elected chairmen since inception namely:-

  1. Messrs J. K. Mbugua, AEA, January 1988 to March 1992, now deceased,
  2. Mr. T. K. Bore, March 1992 to 11 th June 1993,
  3. Mr. Aram M. Mbui, MD Rift valley Machinery, June 1993 to March 2004,
  4. Mr. Paul K. Matelong, MD Rift Valley Bottlers Ltd, March 2004 to January 2013 now deceased,
  5. Dr. Thomas.K. Serrem 2013 to 2015,
  6. Mr. Apollo Kiarii 2016 to 2017 
  7. Dr. Thomas .K. Serrem 2017 to 2022 and
  8. Mr. Kenneth Odire 2022 to Date
Rift Valley Branch Team

Rift Valley Branch Team

The membership level has since continued to grow and currently stands at 280. The Branch through its General Committee continues to discuss and address issues affecting members. This includes the state of infrastructure; roads, water, security, state of industrial relations, state of the economy in the region, and in general promote and defend the interests of employers in the region.

Through consulted efforts between members and the Branch, trainings in industrial relations, labour laws, and occupational safety and health have been held successfully. This has led to an improved relationship between employers and workers.

The post-election violence which rocked the region in 2007 seriously affected both business and workers in the region. Loss of life, property, income, and man-days were experienced. Human capital was traumatized. The Branch in effect to manage the effects of the trauma and to address the effects of the crisis organized three forums in Nakuru, Naivasha, and Kericho on managing psycho-socio effects of post-election violence.

Major sectors of employment in the region are Hospitality, Agriculture, Floriculture, Education and Transport.

Giddo Plaza, Ground Floor Nakuru
  +254 709 827311/312